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Last Legacy
Last Legacy Beta
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Last Legacy Chapter 1

(release candidate 2)

Note: You may experience problems running this game in Chrome. It is recommended you use a browser other than Chrome or a low quality setting.

Controls are explained in the game. In a future version they will be customizable.

Level Designer Controls:

Arrow keys to move the camera.

Arrow Keys + Shift to move the camera faster.

Shortcut Keys:

V when an item is selected - Open properties window

Control - Z = Undo

Control - Y = Redo

Control X, delete = Delete Selected Item or Tiles

Control C = Copy

Control V = Paste

When playing a level, use the backspace key to return

All content in this game is designed by Runouw.

-Engine Programming: Robert Hewitt

-Menu Programming: Steven Hewitt, Robert Hewitt

-Artwork: Steven Hewitt

-Music: Steven Hewitt

-Sounds: Steven Hewitt, some samples obtained from theFreeSoundProject.org

Any lag issues or want to play the game offline? Download the standalone version.

Windows - Linux - Mac

Changes (8/19/2013):

-Low quality set to default

-In low quality, the dark effect is rendered quicker to reduce lag

-Spelling and grammar fixes

-Some levels were adjusted to be easier

Site News

New Last Legacy website is out!

Check out the new website!

How can I donate?

Any donation received is appreciated and will certainly help us make more awesome games in the future!